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Alternate Dumbbell Pec Raises

Did you know that you can target your chest muscles during alternating dumbbell raises a lot better by making a couple of small tweaks to the motion? 🤯
By bringing your arm across your body with your palms facing upwards, you're able to change what is traditionally a very effective front delt exercise into an equally as effective chest exercise!
We incorporated this Alternating Pec Raise exercise into a recent chest/triceps threshold workout by super-setting it with decline push-ups to failure. Needless to say, our members were feeling it the next morning! 💪😁

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Arnold Press

Elevate your fitness game with the Arnold Press! 💪 Follow along to learn how to do this exercise that is great for building shoulder strength and stability.

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BOSU Ball Tricep Push-Ups

A great way to battle a weight lifting or fitness plateau is to tweak your favorite exercises; making them more challenging for you to perform and in a way that your body isn't yet accustomed to.
A perfect example of this would be leveraging the BOSU ball to introduce elements of balance into your exercises. A tricep push-up on even ground can be challenging enough as it is, but by bringing the BOSU ball into the equation, we're introducing the need for your body to remain stable.
Adding the BOSU ball to this exercise results in, not only a great workout for your triceps, but also tremendous benefits for your core, chest, shoulders, and other stabilizing muscles in your body that wouldn't normally be activated! 🙌

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Barbell Squats

Barbell squats effectively target multiple muscle groups, including your core, legs, glutes, and back.
You can benefit from improved lower body power, increased overall strength, better posture, and more efficient calorie burning.
Create a rock-solid foundation at Five Step Fitness!💪
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Benefits Of Bicep Curls

Most people are familiar with the bicep curl, and for good reason! It's one of the most effective bicep strengthening exercises there is.
Curls help build lean muscle mass, and when using dumbbells can help ensure symmetry on both arms. This is because you need to lift each weight independently, which helps ensure that both of your bicep muscles receive roughly equal work.
The bicep curl is also extremely efficient when you have limited time to train. The exercise not only works your biceps and forearms but also helps to target your shoulders and back muscles. Although the bicep curl is classified as an isolation exercise, it utilizes these other major muscles as stabilizers, especially when the exercise is performed while standing.
For more information on our five step approach to physical fitness, or to become a member, visit 💪

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Core Strength

Core strength is not something you should only focus on if you're an athlete. Having a strong core also offers numerous benefits for desk workers, people who work on their feet, children, and older adults!
Here are some ways in which core strength is important in day to day life for all:
-Stabilizes the lower back
-Enhances flexibility
-Helps with balance
-Supports better posture
-Helps reduce lower-body injury
Get started on your fitness journey today at 💪

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Correct & Incorrect Kettlebell Swing Form

Watch as Coach Jen demonstrates the correct (and incorrect) way to perform a hip snap or kettlebell swing! This exercise is a great stabilization exercise for your whole body. Listen in as Jen walks us through it! 🔊
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Dead Lift With Proper Form

The fastest way to increase your Deadlift is to improve your form.
By pulling more efficiently, you activate more muscles over time and can safely deadlift heavier weights.
Focusing on form FIRST (as opposed to total weight) results in more strength and muscle gains over time and, just as importantly, keeps your back and spine healthy. 🙌
▶️ For those looking to add variety to their workouts or an additional challenge; combining your deadlift with a bent-over row at the bottom of the movement (as shown at the end of this video) is a great option for deadlifting on back day!
🥊 Visit for more information on our instructor-led fitness program to achieve your goals with proper form.

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Dead Lifts

Having an educated fitness coach beside you to demonstrate the correct posture and technique is invaluable.
Instructor-led fitness will ensure that clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximize their results.
To learn more about how to get the most out of your workout, Book your FREE 15-minute Q/A or sign up today! Visit!

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Dumbbell Bridges

🎓Watch & learn how to do a proper weighted glute bridge. Gets those glutes toned in no time!

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Dumbbell Rows

The dumbbell row is a pulling exercise that targets the big muscles of the back, while providing a workout for many of the arm muscles.
Dumbbell rows are an excellent exercise to strengthen imbalances, improve muscular strength, work your back from a variety of angles, and give your joints a break from the barbell.
Book your FREE 15-minute Q/A or onboarding call today! Visit!

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Dumbbell Single Leg Squat

Join us for the single-leg dumbbell bench squat, an effective exercise that helps strengthen your lower body and core.
This move works great when incorporated into our periodized workout routine to help tone and sculpt your legs and glutes.
For a fun, safe, and effective workout experience, visit!

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