Meditation & Mindfulness

Concluding on the topics of recovery and overtraining, it is also essential to also recover our minds. Mindfulness and mediation isn’t just some hippy dippy nonsense. Even some of history’s greatest warriors, such as the raiding and pillaging Vikings, used meditation as a tool before battle. There is more to it than just sitting quietly and waiting for time to go by. It is a way to reflect, organize, and plan your thoughts.

Meditation is a great way to manage stress. It is simple, if you are stressed out about whatever is going on at home or at work, you are not going to perform as well, and may even injure yourself because you are so distracted. Being focused on your workout or lift is how you are going to outdo yourself, day after day.

Your pain tolerance can be the breaking point of how far you can push yourself. Whether it is endurance training or heavy lifting, your body is going to feel pain during exercise. Meditation can give you the ability to help block out that pain. Just take it from those crazy Shaolin Monks that have people punch them as hard as they can for fun.

Many people experience some form of performance anxiety, whether it be during a competition or just casual spectators watching you in the gym. Mindfulness and meditation can help teach you how to block out the distractions around you and help control your emotions. Being able to center yourself from extreme emotions is crucial to focusing on what you need to do.

Start by taking 10 minutes before bed to just sit and reflect on your day. This can even help you sleep at night. And, if that works for you, take the first 10 minutes of your morning to think about the day ahead of you and what you need to get done.

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