Get Outside The Gym To Train

Summer is around the corner and temperatures are on the rise, meaning it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors!

Reason number one..SUNSHINE!

The sun and exposure to brighter weather provides us with access to Vitamin D which has some great health benefits (when consumed in moderation). Living here in lovely Western New York during the winter months nearly 50 percent of people have insufficient amounts of vitamin D, and 25 percent may even be considered deficient.

By stepping outside the world is your playground. You can use different inclines and natural occurring obstacles to use those muscles you’ve not woken up for a while! Outside you’ll find different terrain that we can’t recreate in the gym. There are hills, steps, etc. and our bodies respond in different ways to handle them. If you’re looking for a killer workout find a hill and sprint up it for about 20 seconds, repeat 10-15 times, once that gets to easy find a steeper incline! Not saying you have to go full spartan training out there, but get outside. Sprint, lunge, jump, burpee anything to get your heartrate up in the sunshine!

On an off day from the gym, help your mind take a break. Whether it's a brisk walk with your dog, a bike ride down the canal, a run with friends/family, do whatever clears your head, gets you moving and stops you from thinking about counting reps. You'll be ready to get back in the gym on Monday!

Training never has to be boring if you’re outside, and another perk the outdoors never closes!

Trans4m challengers stay tuned for an outdoor workout coming up!

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