What Is All This Ketone Talk?

What is a ketone you ask?

Well ketones are a byproduct of fatty tissue breakdown. When someone goes through fasting or eats low to no carbohydrates, the body will start breaking down fat for energy. This is where ketones come from. Ketones are an alternate source of energy for the body. Some say that our bodies prefer ketones over carbohydrates because they are naturally produced within the body and have fast absorption through the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is a membrane that blocks out possible foreign molecules from entering the brain. Both ketones and glucose, the energy form of carbohydrates, can pass this barrier. Your brain uses around 20% of your daily calories, so having another fuel source, besides glucose, can be beneficial. When your body has an increased amount of ketones and very low to no glucose, it is known as ketosis.

There are a few products on the market, including Pruvit’s various ketone supplements, that can help push your body into the state of ketosis while still having consumed carbohydrates. One must separate ketone supplements from the ketone diets discussed in the media. A ketone diet is very high in fat, and very low in carbs. It is difficult to maintain, as the food choices are rather limited, but the diet has proven effects in certain populations. These include patients with epilepsy and diabetes that is difficult to control even with insulin. Supplements provide a small number of calories only, and are used once or twice per day, typically in liquid form.

There is a theory that when you consume both carbohydrates and a ketone supplement, your body will use a “dual fuel” system and can utilize both for energy during hard workouts. Also, ketone products are sold to lift that “morning fog”, again due to its ability to pass the blood-brain barrier. Our fast paced world has us accustomed to eating quick and sugar filled breakfasts, which can spike blood sugar, and directs it to fat storage, which leaves the brain at an energy deficit. Ketone diets and supplements are a great way to avoid those quick spikes in blood sugar and avoid that “morning fog”.

Studies have suggested that ketone supplementation can increase exercise performance and metabolism. Using ketones while consuming carbohydrates may have a glycogen sparing effect, so you will use the ketones before utilizing your glycogen stores, which can help endurance athletes of all types.

It is important to note that most ketone supplements contain a high amount of sodium, so keep track of how much you consume on a daily basis. Also, ketone diets can be expensive and hard to follow, based on the lack of carbohydrates, and high protein and fats.

Want to know more about the ketone operating system & ketosis?

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