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Introducing 4Movement with Dr. Paul Cialone

September 21, 2017

We are offering a new class to all our athletes and members who are interested in learning how to run and move better for their sport and activities.  4Movement is designed to build on the skills being developed in the 4Athletes and Group X programs, and so it is being offered as an add-on to those programs.


Classes will be limited to 4-6 participants so that there is plenty of individualized attention.  Every athlete must run to compete.  There are several universal skills that must be mastered to do so optimally, especially because you spend most of your time in team sports without the ball!  Therefore, how you move is critical to how well you’ll play, and moving ideally can limit your injury risk as well.


There are also specialized movement needs for each sport and position.  Midfielders have different movement needs than goalkeepers and forwards in every sport, for sure.  But, across sports, there are differences as well, so that a lacrosse midfielder’s running differs from a soccer midfielder’s, and so on.  These nuances will be taught in the class.


Doc, for those who don’t already know, has taught elite athletes at the professional, Olympic, elite college and high school level to learn to move better for their sport for years.  Many of his clients have been household names from the ranks of the NFL, NHL, MLL, MLS/international soccer worlds, in addition to athletes from dozens of NCAA-D1 programs.  He will tailor each class to the movement needs of every individual in the class, for improvement of speed, cutting, and all-round conditioning for the sport and position. 


An added benefit of a small class setting is the ability to extensively use video for teaching, follow up and to mark progress.  Visual cues are very powerful for most people, and seeing what you are doing well, in addition to what you need to change to perform at your best, has been proven effective even for pro and college athletes.  Classes will include regularly scheduled 1 on 1 meetings, which can, of course, include your parents/family as desired.  These will further reinforce what is taught, and help you carry over the lessons from the small group class to 4 Athlete training, Group X classes and to your competition schedule.


Classes are open to all ages/all sports.