Eating on the Go

As many of you may know, Doc brings tremendous experience and knowledge to the 4 Family. He has helped tens of thousands of patients, clients and athletes through his work as a surgeon, as well as in his work as an athlete, trainer and coach at the professional through youth levels. One of his areas of expertise is nutrition for healthy lifestyles and sport performance.


One of the most frequent calls we get from clients on the road is “what should I eat so I keep on track with my goals?” The following 5 MVP tips for improved health, wellness and performance should help:

  1. Remember when dining out that portion sizes are entirely unrealistic. Typical restaurant dinners carry enough calories for a full day on a good day, and may include risky levels of fats, salt and other foods to avoid in pursuit of your healthy lifestyle.

  2. When in doubt, eat meat servings no bigger than your palm, and be sure to include baked, steamed or fresh vegetables that occupy 2/3 or so of your plate.

  3. Avoid foods described as “crispy,” “golden brown,” “lightly fried,” “crunchy” and “creamy.” These typically are deep fried, and/or contain enormously high levels of saturated fat. Opt instead for foods that are “roasted,” “baked,” “sautéed,” “steamed,”or “broiled.”

  4. Drinks and side dishes can add the bad stuff on top of your entrée. Stick with water, tea or coffee for your best bet. Sodas, mixed drinks and milk-based drinks are best avoided if you’re watching your calorie intake. Remember also that alcohol provides empty calories. That means you are unable to use the calories in alcohol for energy, and the body prioritizes storing alcohol calories first, ahead of any other food you eat or drink. If having an adult beverage, moderation and use of beer, wine or clear drinks are your keys.

  5. Most restaurants will provide you with calorie and nutrient counts if you call in advance. Many even have this information on their websites. Plan ahead in ordering your meal, so that you exercise even more control over portions!

These recommendations make the most sense if you eat out regularly. If eating out is an infrequent event, it may be easier to count that as a cheat day and enjoy indulging yourself.

Finally, one of the many perks of your membership at 4Performance is our quarterly 30 minute health and wellness assessments. These can be scheduled through Tim in person or by phone. Assessments include free reports on how much your activity level weight management goals allow you to eat with each meal.

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