Is Group Training Right for You?

Think back to our childhood. We were encouraged to do everything with friends, be social, be active and play with others. This is the case all the way up through our high school and even in college. As teenagers and young adults it is instilled in our minds to get out of our comfort zone, join a team or club, and find ways to learn how to feed off those around us. Why does that have to end when we reach adulthood?

Group Training is so successful because of something called the “group effect.” The group effect utilizes the ‘energy of many’ to motivate, and provide accountability and strength for those in the group. That is the reason why group training has grown so much over the past decade and has become the core of what makes 4 Performance so special.

In a group we naturally work harder, pushing ourselves to keep up with those around us. We feed off of their encouragement and support, simply because we have more fun when we train with our friends. Think back to the team-like atmosphere when we were a part of a sports team or club. We strived in environments that encouraged camaraderie amongst our friends.

Working out in a group gives us the confidence and support that allows us to reach our full physical potential, which can start to influence our outlook on exercise. Instead of being a burden and something we feel like we have to do, it starts to become the activity we look forward to the most in our day.

Still don’t know if group training is right for you? Maybe an experience from our friend and member of 4 Performance can help…

“I have been to many gyms in the past and experienced nothing like the team dynamic and friendly atmosphere of my fellow 4 Family members, we are a team, we help and push each other to be the best we can be, which is one of the many reasons that kept me motivated throughout this challenge.”

So, at the end of the day, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or are just starting out, group training is right for you. All too often we allow our fear of being uncomfortable keep us from reaching our goals. We settle into our comfort zone, not realizing that what doesn’t challenge us, wont change us.

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